“ The Boy ” ~ who wanted to stay ~

There was a boy

Said ever glad,

For animate joy

Save he felt sad,

Its adolesce span

Exacts but a fad,

Be that so it may

Fix boy to be man,

He’d bid afar day

From stripling state,

That inevitable way

To descry adulthood,

Toward destined fate

Binds resolute say,

Held misnomer depth

Of ending youth’s stay,

He’d pursue cheat its death!


“ Days We’d Tasted ” ~ be without end ~

I nigh recall

When but a tot,

Days mostly all

Be without end,

Thus no part plot

Then to be fed,

But chosen dishes

Hence composed

Held daily doze

Of youthful wishes…


Yet growing up

Had not foretold,

Days made face

Life want remould,

As child burns

To aging bold,

That soon exacts

Its weighty toll,

For growing old

Bids less recall,

Of days we’d tasted all!

“ Growing Up Later ” ~ beats sooner ~


Growing up later

Beats doing so sooner,

As older comes fast

When living in haste,

As venturesome past

May well deny taste,

On growing up late …


Growing up sooner

Exacts little light     

And thus I defer

To aging foresight…


Thence if but a day

For journey’s delay,                                                                           

I’ll suffer the loss,

At whatever cost

For all I can skewer,

Of growing up later!