“ Love By Any Definition ” ~ be about admission ~



Be what you sense,

Bowing to your feelings…



Be dreams

That come to be…



Be thought

Provoking fantasies, 

Wanting of reality…



Be images

Of cloudy definitions,

Coming into focus…



Be emotions

You hope share,

That will not fade…



By any definition

Be about admission!



“ Incongruous ” ~ this fantasy journey ~


I’ve journeyed

Near and far,

But none akin


To a nightmare

So bizarre,

Out of body,

In a place

Said Myanmar…


There soaring high

Astride a giant dove,

In surreal fashion

The while above,

See people scurry

In erotic stead,

Copulating clumsily

In a medieval bed,

Boldly flaunting

They be walking dead,

Swirling seamlessly 

In my out of body head…


Though images do fade

They to the end resist,

As hell  I chose not dwell

Nor in a black night’s mist,

So incongruous will I miss,

If again this  journey tends!