“ The Darkness ” ~ of a last day’s end ~


I’m loth to admit

Taking the bate,

With cavalier pith

A covenant toll,

Grasping too late

Bargained my soul,

To impossible state

Of a life said forever…


For signs of fade

Sees evince of worn,

And moreover frayed

Held so the norm,

As our ultimate fate

Wants we cease exist…


Hence to inhabit

Said allusive place,

Decreed by the way

Of an eternal face,

Assigns man bend

Thus to the darkness,

Of a last day’s end!



“ If Only ” ~ I’d known how ~

If only

I’d known how

To tell you

What I should,

Words that spoke

Of feelings then

We misunderstood,

We might’ve found

To comprehend,

There came a point

Our love affair

Rather than beginning,

Had started at the end!