“ Temperament ” ~ elicitor of emotions ~



Elicitor of emotions,

Diabolical channel

Of reactions,


A gentle state,

Wants be my fate…





Imposing burdens

Of wrathful kind…



Blackened by stage

Of paroxysmal rage,

Like an enervate pawn

I search to stay the way,

Of temperamental sway!

“ Extremes ” ~ in abstract matter ~


I’ve felt extremes

Of ardent sweet

To blatant mean,

And I’ve been glad

As well as sad,                                                                   

But far too often

I might add

Squandered so

Time recklessly,

Ostensibly exploring

Eclectic means,

Of sorting out

The abstract

I’m about,

Living in greys

Of wistful dreams

In disordered ways,

Anxious to find

A mind at peace

That might be mine,

Far from extremes!


“ Life ” ~ be the gift of you ~


I might’ve stayed

To linger here

Another day,

If there be reason,

To suffer yet

Without I find

I’d but survive,

A mindless habit,

Of far too long

Blindly stayed away…


Despite a doubt

I’d boldly chose  

To be about,

Thus so to realize

Be the gift of you

Life sent my way,

This likelihood

To now admit

I’d finally understood, 

That I be meant to stay!  

“ Euphony ” ~ for a limboed soul ~


I close my eyes

And listen

To the euphony,

That brings to life

A sun filled sound

Wants skirt the rain…


And when I hear

The music flow

So freely to my ear,

Elation but awakes

My limboed soul,

To nudge emotions

Parched and dry…


Thus musician stay

That I may hear you play

The music you so speak,

Would lure a soul

From complacent silence

That renders bleak,

Hence musician play,

That I be once more whole!


“ Shovelling Clouds ” ~ for dreams he dares ~

He’s not immune

To implausible dreams,

Those he dares

Meant be so bold,

He’ll forego care

That be not in tune,

To imaged notions

Of man-made reason,

For his give life

To every season…

Shovelling clouds

He clears a path

Thru stayed emotions,

That but dictate

One ought fear life

Of dreams that urge

We build a world

With clouds of wonder,

Thus so forsaking

Man’s dreary rituals,

He’ll shovel clouds

To so lay bare

The dreams he dares!    

                              © Jean-Jacques Fournier      

                      Ode to Denis Chagnon