“ Winters ” ~ white toll ~

Spilling from the sky,

Snowflakes falling

On a dying autumn,

Means hide traces

To render fall faceless

In a snow blanket pall,

Hiding dead places

Of fall’s grey sprawl,

This season suffers

With architect of cold,

Be Jack Frost’s hold

Of long enduring nights,

Held winter’s white toll!


“ Night Follies ” ~ a chilling journey ~


I’ve a feeling I fly

In the dying light

Of a hostile sky,

Ever urging me on

This endless flight,

Be dream er deems

A chilling journey

Of night folly extremes…


Nights the like

Emerge but to blur

My anxious reach

For sapient deter,

I seek to compose

To author propose

Held liberal worth,

Of nights to dispose

With merit want spare,

Said weary night follies! 


“ If Memory Fails ” ~ I’ve towed the line ~


If memory fails

And I should falter,

Take me to find

A kindly shelter,

Thus so to guide

A growing burden

Of once held pride,

To a kindly place

Of said seclusion

For a dying mind,

Whose fading use

Be running shy of time,

Thence I may sense

When memory’s failed,

I once towed my own line!