“ Rhythms ” ~ of an aberrant state ~

I feel vibrations

That mimic waves

Crashing rhythmically

At a recurrent beat,

Languidly hypnotic

In its beguiling feat…


I see forms

In total freedom,

Taking human shape

Thru machinations

Of hands gigantic,

As they compose

Bodies interpose,

Crafted in the winds

Of godless times,

A chain of human lace

So light they float

Along a crested wave,

Searching for a place

To breathe of life…


Hence with rhythmic  

Tossing dreamscape,

In an aberrant state

Cling to a downy link,

As I awake to sounds

Of a voice beyond the brink,   

Grabs for her G-string lacy pink,

As her husband hollers slut

Hammers in a fury thus,

Upon my door held firmly shut!

                                                                                                A little humour,  

                                                                                                for a friend’s errant ways!