“ Labels ” ~ of design fables ~



Of design fables

Be latent oubliettes,

To cover flaws

Meant to forget,

Thin façades

Fixed to disguise,

The reality

Of devious wise,

Designed to cover

Their obvious lies…


Free-ride labels

You’re but lags,

Sad symbolic tags

That camouflage,

To validate

Your trendy state

Less than able,

Left to hide

In shadows

Of deceptive labels!


~ Them There Cats ~ a.k.a. moggies


Big or small

Runt or tall,

Most are homey

And all purr,

How cats tell

Life’s a ball,

Quick to split

When put off,

They do spit

But won’t talk…


Always fussy

Often bossy,

Get their way

Else are pouty…


Stuck up moggies

None seen smile,

Quietly devious

And oh so agile,

But will connive

To stay alive,

As them there cats!