“ A Prayer ” ~ for nonbeliever ~

On a spiritual hold

Borne of believers

By traditional bold,

Be of meagre ethics

Held mystic of old,

Suggests invocation,

Said for nonbeliever

Be an offer of thanks,

In words that declare

An ever sober prayer…

Hence has us wonder

If sufficient be there,

Despite mans despair

For life giving water,

And breathable air!

“ In the Lurch ” ~ sitting on a perch ~


They’ve left us

In the lurch,

Sitting on a perch

Lost and unaware

We who were alert,

Once of human trait

Fashioned so to care,

Said analogous of  gait

Now beings in despair

On this planet earth,

When man paid a visit

He bled it dry of worth,

Utterly indifferent

Of once fertile play,

A likened spent search

Holds sanity in wait,

While sitting on a perch!

                                                        a consequence of indifference


“ Requital ” ~ for said unfair ~

Know requite be

For said unfair,

Who thus so rule,

To take from they

The frail to fool,

And without care

Discount despair…


Thus be requital

For miscreants,

Of callous ways

Sets time await,

They so will live

To find a fated day!

“ This Side Of Fair ” ~ a honourable place ~



I’ve need to know

This side of fair

If I’ve been so,

With whom

I’ve shared,

Varied aspects 

Of a life dared…


Imperfect choices 

With answers few,

Wants judge fair

Existent struggles,

Eliciting despair…


I want to know

Without proviso

For weighing so,       


I’ve sided just,

And beyond shades

Of laudable dust

For honourable place,

This side of fair!

“ A Failed World ” ~ by greedy design ~


I see images

Of inimicalness,


With purpose,

Of goading


From humans

Too worn,

Exuding despair

Exacted upon

By greedy design,

In a situate

Beyond unkind,

While exploiting

Denies insouciant,

As they shape

Fellowman’s fate,

To thus so fit

A callous world pit,

Leaving behind                                            

Obscured of hope

Beings of a kind,

Who shan’t survive

In a failed world

All but gone blind,

To bankers and brokers

And political jokers,

With their greedy designs!


“ Man’s Mind ” ~ of dubious matter ~

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            There are opinions

We can but doubt

What matter lives,

In a dissonant mind,

To evoke positive

Cognitive finds,

Would imply hold

Utilitarian encephalon,

In an oracular head

Brimming with inanity

And social indifference,

Who sadly compose

With cerebrum limits

Of dubious matter,

Spawn of lesser species

That of political venality,

Who offers but despair

To present century fare!


“ Abandoned ” ~ in a world inhuman ~


I see abandoned

Expressing empty

From ill fortune, 

As despair stocks

To suffer grief

Upon the living

Life betrays,

Imposed on minds

In broken bodies

Of beings obscure,

Forced to endure

A life mundane…


Thus so ignored

Our lesser beings,

Excluded people

Inhabit shadows,

Yet reach in vain               

To ease the strain,                                                                                         

Alas for naught                                                                                  

As they’ve no place                                                                                   

In this ruthless race,                                                                                           

Of abandoned humans                                                                                        

In a world inhuman!