“ The Gift Of A Day ” ~ tells of being alive ~


Be a kind of guide

Told of being alive…



Fate made to give,

That I derive

The gift of a day,

An extended stay

Held staying alive…



Will be

If I survive,

So I’ve no mind

And far less time

For such concern,

That mayn’t arrive…


Thus the morrows

I’ll choose each so,

As tho a lifetime                                            

That I’ve yet to live !


“ The Alternative ” ~ living serendipitous quest ~


I try decide

If worth remains

Be but prosaic ride,

In life sustained

That ought derive,

A sense of feel

Beyond just alive…


Hence so to find

That level in time,

I’ll need so strive

To thus contain,

Time marked

By temporal stains,

That reappear

In shades of pied fear…


The alternative bides

Tho we testily scorn

What fate decides,

Of longevity’s thorns

As eventual prize,

Be living with zest

For remaining alive,

In serendipitous quest!