“ A Breath ” ~ to say goodbye ~


Ever gently

Reaching to soothe,

The pain’s excess,

Eager her touch

Allays his agony,

To so delay

A waning breath,

That will not stay

Life’s cruel erosion,

Beyond the day,

While once more

Yet grasp he may,

Beyond fate’s reach,

‘Tis far too close

To death’s approach,

For destiny’s concede

Of one more breath,

Tho but to say goodbye!

                                                                                    ode to a young father

                                                                                    and younger mother,

                                                                                    when life was shorter…



“ The Next Place ” ~ finding spirited minds ~


In time I’ll reach

That other place,

Though obsidian

Need be embraced,

And look to find

Spirited minds,

With mirth akin

To likes of mine,

Whose wit posits

One be inclined

Thus so to laugh

Away a grimly day,

When in its stead

You find the way

To what be left

Of life to play,

Until so bound

Be but to face,

Last time around     

Be the next place!