“ Uncertainty ” ~ a constant presence ~

Memory so defines
To image words,
Would illuminate
A state of mind,
Ought not disguise
The world we live,
To cease give weigh
Upon such thought,
As be life certainties
From our creation
Till we’re no more,
Thus to provoke
Such self deceptions,
One should fail heed
What man must live,
As constant presence
Bound by uncertainty!

“ Laughter ” ~ feeds the soul ~

I want to laugh

In potions ample

That it should last,

To encourage  

Thusly bold,

Fellow beings

Who’ve to learn

Be laughter

Feeds the soul,

And lessens thus

The morose pique

Of anxious matters,

Inciting as a must

The constant lifeline,

Of enduring laughter!

“ Expiry Date ” ~ a constant threat ~


‘Tis said of life

With death

Walks hand in hand,

Yet to this end

A constant threat


Such be held fears

Tho shan’t have say

Wouldst linger near

Till life’s expiry date,

Hence ye meant find

In that ensuing place

Said peace of mind,

Held too soon there,

Might we alas discover,

The wonders of life’s fare

The while we be alive!