“ The Consequence ” ~ of forgetfulness ~

You come to believe

Thru serene control,

Had then so achieved

A mind now set bold,

Held made concede

Put memory on hold,

Save too little known

Of significance told,

When recall has flown

To a mindless absent,

Tho spirit may mourn

Fickle fate will consent,   

With memory conform

To consequence bent,

Of forgetfulness shorn!

                                                                                    written in Italia, May 3, 2018

                                                                                            © Jean-Jacques Fournier



“ The Art Of Aging ” ~ man’s eschatology ~


Age has you feel 

The consequence

Of life’s brush 

Upon your person,

And so instils

To lay shades vital

Of wisdom’s colour,

Upon the canvas

Of your soul,

And equally so

Holds give repair

To shadowy greys

Of life’s excesses,

That shape in part

The art of aging,

To alas include

Less than artful lines,

Carved thus by time,

Tho rather worthy

Said so unkind,

While age emerges

The living tableaux,               

Meant to reflect

Man’s eschatology!