“ Change ” ~ then and now ~


I remember

Changes then,

To and from

Meant little when,

The cause of any

Made no matter…


Likened now

Begs to become

Time be the sum

Of change a many,

And thus infers

One chose consider

Vicissitudes withal,

Be more discerning,

For changing now!



“ Changing ” ~ to reach beyond ~


I’ve ample recall


To big from small,

Events the details

Of a measure

Notched on the wall,

That tells of progress

Growing bound,

What held be tall

Yet now looks down,

To see a childish goal…


Alas best have thought

To give the mind a shot

At growing smartly tall,

And place the measure

Well above the notch

Thus so grow to know,

There be more need

For brain to reach beyond

The marks upon a wall!