“ Lingering Image ” ~ a heaven I’d imagined ~

In my thoughts

She’s been,

So very long

I can almost

Feel her shadow….


I can still hear

And almost see

Her lips caress,

The words

She chose to leave

Next to my heart…


Yet somehow I knew

I’d lost her though

We shared a rainbow,

Tho not to persist

I might’ve missed

A part of life,

Meant live a dream

With one I’d hoped

Might well remain,

In heaven I’d imagined!

“ Mrs. Jones ” ~ that look of love ~


That look of love

Just glimmers,

While a gesture

Ever slight,

Extends a hand

To fondle such,

And so caress

The bared outline

Of a yearning breast,

Tho its velvet touch

Barely arrests her lover…


Alas the lady

Gazes in his eyes,

The while behind

A telltale band

All but discerned,                                 

Chokes the hand

Of its protagonist…


Ah Mrs Jones

That pleasure

Be but tempting fate,

In your endeavour

To indulge a stolen kiss!