“ The Mask ” ~ a place to hide ~

You now find
A need hide,
Where time
Sets disguise,
Be the mask
Fits façade,
Meant to hold
Live inside,
There to be bold
A fatiguing soul,
Best obscured
In the interim,
One ways discern
Thence half alive,
To suffer return
Eluding hell’s burn
In this interval bide,
Held be place to hide!

“ Morrows ” ~ ever nearer ~


Should you doubt

Life’s fleeting pace,

I’ll set you right

On lifespan’s face,

The days that burn

With barely time

To see the night,

Or a full term

Of this life’s race,

Save ye borrow

Someone’s turn

Afore the morrow,

Less fate means play

A slice of mirth,

And chose instead

A bed of earth,

Be untimely stead

Tells best not dwell,

On wasteful notions

While ever nearer be,

Those waiting morrows!




“ To Face The Sun ” ~ a price to pay ~

Your face

If still be fit

As such to claim,

Burns now

As though aflame,

In crimson colors,

To the observer

Who thinks of woe,

He can but utter wow!


Take heart ye friend

Who suffered same,

With well done skin

And face ablaze,

Until in vain,


Turns haze to pain,

And the experience

Leaves but a blur,

Sanctioning fools

To face the sun,

And pay the price

To calcinate again!