“ Life’s Time ” ~ left behind ~

In my life past,

I may have left

Some time pass,

Thus feel bereft

So precious be,

Its loss apes theft

Be sad discovery,

 One shan’t forget

Its careless waste,

Fills me with regret

For time left behind,

Thru foolish neglect

With risk ne’er find,

Be days edged lost

Has me resigned,

Demons tilt recall

Beg gives attention,

Save be offer small

Could ere well lead,

To one recovering all

With ostensible speed,

For it’s ne’er too late

To find time left behind!


“ Time Left Behind ” ~ in my young mind ~

Would that I’d find

Days once too long

In my young mind,

In endless ways

Chose to entreat,

Eager for morrows

Time be held brief,

The while brood then,

For long day’s end…

Save now I’ve grief

For time I left behind!