“ Years ” ~ of living’s best ~

Years dying away

Some of living’s best,

Yet far too many

Years full of life

Aversely put to rest,

In the ensuing dark

Leaving held memory

Barely time to wrest,

From obscurity’s quest!



“ Years ” ~ be of laurels’ best ~


Years fading many

Three score plus ten,

When some then

Made feel too many,

Years not living

Aversely at rest,

Somewhat uncertain

Of laurels’ best,

Save idle giving

Wanted for naught

Held put to test,

Not waste what’s left

Though at times lax,

Thru forever days

Found in the past

Inspired by youth,

In then agile way

Did call for truth,

Hoped get it right

Before enduring dark,

Bids life its last night!