A Morrow – too soon –

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A Morrow

– too soon –

Now but afternoon
In lifetime destiny,
Be forever too soon
For morrow apathy,
Ye’d aspire for room
To ignore life’s brevity,
Thus minimize its gloom
That seeks invade our sanity!
		A reflection on life ever fleeting, 
                          in the wake of an adversary,
	                        known as annual anniversary… 
                 © Jean-Jacques Fournier

V2 written in Sweetsburg 
June 12, 2021

Music - Funeral, by Zurida
Imagery - Wikimedia Commons
Audio Recital – Jean-Jacques Fournier

“ Man’s Season ” ~ be but one taste ~


Near all seasons

Of nature’s bent

Has a reason,

Most to feed

The next event,

Thus to embrace

A cycle of reinvent,

Save man’s fate

Who aspires reach

Time’s scant decree,

Yet his own season

Of ephemeral state,

Be of limited reason

We’ve but one taste!