“ More Time ” ~ a growing thirst ~

I’ve ardent thirst

For time,

That grows

With passing days,

The more to taste

What I had failed

To so indulge,

All I did waste,

Knowing not later   

There’d be a day,

I would so thirst

For but a taste,

Of want more time!

“ Extremes ” ~ in abstract matter ~


I’ve felt extremes

Of ardent sweet

To blatant mean,

And I’ve been glad

As well as sad,                                                                   

But far too often

I might add

Squandered so

Time recklessly,

Ostensibly exploring

Eclectic means,

Of sorting out

The abstract

I’m about,

Living in greys

Of wistful dreams

In disordered ways,

Anxious to find

A mind at peace

That might be mine,

Far from extremes!