“ Anonymous ” ~ by design ~

Buried neath

A sad façade,

Cloaked in layers, 

Of ambiguity…


Masked in aura                                            

Of mystique,

Who would see

This pulchritude

Likened to a rose,

Veiled behind

Sorrow so bleak,

Wouldst by design

Endure anonymous!



“ Uneasy Tolerance ” ~ of apotheosis ~


You eagerly listen                                                 

To words aimed true,

And without doubt

Of integrity,

You can but hear

A voice at odds,                                                        

With opinion other

Than its apotheosis,

Evoking ambiguity

Adversely indecorous,

For so expressed

Oozes unfair

Lulling unwittingly

Uneasy tolerance…


Devoid of empathy

Words imparted

Be cause to reason

Narrative wanting,

As thus implies

Delusive motive

Of such invention,

Seeks to disguise

The malfeasance

That be the cause,                             

Of uneasy tolerance!