“ The Soondoers ” ~ best undertake ~


No time to waste

For life ahead

Gives but a taste,

Of one imagined

May have lead

To thus embrace,

Far more years,

Than felt be stead…


Hence advocate

All ye soondoers,

Of dubious soon,

Best undertake

Chose to live life,

Before too late

When fate so rules

On your expiry date!

“ Idiosyncrasy ” ~ a candid thinker ~



Not anomalously


Or necessarily

Problematic …


But it takes time

For that peculiarity

To invade the mind,

From borderline


To thus inclined


As to acquiescence



Save tendencies

For naive liberty

As in freedom

Of behavior, 

Said thought bizarre

Be fit conjecture

And arguably realm

Of eclectic expression,

An autonomous

Of employment 

As a candid thinker,

Tho aberrant person

Of maverick proclivity,

Be choice advocate

For idiosyncrasy!