This Road

      – be the way home –

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This Road

      – be the way home –

I’ve wandered past
Where wise gave way,
Perchance too fast
For image to stay,
Be of home alas
Found not at bay...

For held memory
Of insistent places,
Would thus convey
As a fixed oasis, 
Be the right way
Afore life soon passes,
You’ll find this road
Be the way home!

		 © Jean-Jacques Fournier 

Ode to my Roma, 
       past present and timeless,
           as one’s transcendent home, 
                                       thus, be Italia...!

Imagery - Wikimedia Commons 
Music - excerpt of Round Midnight, by Chet Baker
Audio recital - Jean-Jacques Fournier

			                            written in Sweetsburg
				                        December 9, 2022


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