The Meal  

– to follow

Francisco de Goya, Saturno devorando

The Meal 
        - to follow -

If you’re to choose
The meal to follow,
You shall ne'er lose
Or find too shallow,  
Nor the while be late 
As to claim didn't know,
That meal you're to find
Wouldst taste but sorrow,
As world ogres want dine,
On repas that means you
Save one should awaken
To manage draw said line,
Which renders man shaken
Hence forever a lasting time,
Held so to ne’er again be taken
By the likes of the troll creatures,
Who'd hold claim to being human!

                             ode to Russia’s ogre,
                                  presently, Vladimir Putin…

                ©️ Jean-Jacques Fournier

First written in Ciboure, France  
October 11, 2022
Edited in Sweetsburg, Canada
November 6, 2022


4 thoughts on “The Meal  

  1. Poetry seemingly heads slowly back to a position of importance, thus too even as a median of information, for life sustaining matters such as staying alive. Ergo the word meal is of course symbolic as to staying alive. Thanks, Paulette.

  2. “The meal you now find
    Wouldst be but sorrow…”

    The use of the word “meal” is a brilliant symbol to suggest life. What meal will we have? With whom will we dine? Will the meal sustain us?

  3. Despite the saying, that “man does not live on bread alone” it and good eating is the essential necessity for keeping us physically and mentally alive. Thus so apart from affording the enjoyment of those consistent good meals in good company. So much so, that a number of years ago two friends, a lawyer and a famous design artist and of course myself, formed the first ever in the world, mixed (men and women) gastronomical club. Important enough to have made news even in staid old France when it came to culinary staid tradition and its discriminatory snobism where eating is concerned.

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