A Face

– behind round glasses –

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A Face

– behind round glasses –

Of fixed eyes intense 
Look thru round glasses,
With newcomer’s sense
Who insists on looking,
Even from afar distance 
All the while frowning, 
With ongoing insistence 
As to seek determination,
For wanting of persistent 
Might bring her a destiny,
Thus, beyond infatuation 
Of face seemingly captured,
Aversely behind round glasses!

                   © Jean-Jacques Fournier 
written in Ciboure, Fr.
October 8, 2022
Imagery - JJF Photo & Wikimedia Commons
Music - excerpt of Tchaikovsky - 1812 Overture 
Audio – Jean-Jacques Fournier

5 thoughts on “A Face

  1. It is good to receive a poem while you are in France. I have worn glasses all of my life, Jean-Jacques. They have been a welcomed companion that have allowed me to look, “even from afar distance….”

    • As I too with glasses to read, since age thirty-five, tho there be times when imperfect vision did have its positive purpose. Mind you I’ve no doubt that sightless fellow humans might have a different opinion.
      For some unknown reason this trip seemed to be writing inducing, as I wrote some ten new publishable poems in the twenty-two days away, two of which I’m pleased to say you’ve already read. Thank you Rebecca!

  2. “Might bring her a destiny.”

    Lovely line and the mindset of many. Those who achieve great things forge their own destiny. I’m not out for greatness but set out in the new year, seeing what I can create of my future. Happy holidays.

  3. So very, very nice to hear from you again… thanks for responding to my humble scribbles, these of which in this case were not a difficult compose, as the inspiration came from the closeness of the lady of my life. Thanks again Diana and welcome back !

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