A Palm Tree

– at my window –

A Palm Tree

– at my window –

I struggle to hear
Hence so understand,
Signs of leafy arms
That waver in speech,
To find want explain
Its lifegiving reach,
Which patiently frames
It’s reliance amiss,
On neglected  terrain
Of existence we miss,
Thus, without care
Beyond reminisce,
What palm tree means share!

                              © Jean-Jacques Fournier

              written in Ciboure, Fr. 
              October 6, 2022

4 thoughts on “A Palm Tree

    • Thank you Paulette, for your ongoing interest, and your discretion I think, in not mentioning the typo on ‘amis’, it becomming the french masculine singular of friend, which correctly spelled ‘amiss’ as was intended for something gone wrong, or the like. Words and languages and their varied meanings, can run the gamut of confusion, as well as the calming effect you suggest… Thank you dear friend !

  1. We all struggle to listen, especial to ourselves. We want to be heard, but are less likely to hear. It is a paradox. Sitting under a palm tree and listening to the wind is the first step.

    • How so very well said, Rebecca my friend, wanting to be heard tho being less likely to hear. Kind of spells out being the story of most average said real humans, listening but not really hearing, being too busy trying to compose a self-serving impressionable reply!

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