– wide eyed –

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– wide eyed –

Holding a thought
To ponder its worth,
Sagaciously ought
Ye honor its birth,
Be erudite sought
Observes held bide,
Thus not be fraught
Looking wide eyed,
As tempted to flirt
With fool’s divide, 
Tho, find you divert  
The while lets slide,
Implies shan’t avert 
Held fixed be last ride,
So shan’t flaunt its worth!

                              Ode to inevitable fading memory...

	         © Jean-Jacques Fournier
	                  written in Sweetsburg			
	                         September 22, 2022

Imagery - National Galleries of Scotland
Music - Fantasia for Soprano Saxophone by Heitor Villa-Lobos
Audio - Jean-Jacques Fournier

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