Finding Shadows

         – in enduring place

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Finding Shadows

– in enduring place –

Oughtn’t I race
To held avers,
Finding shadows
Of a ready favour,
In enduring place
Where gratify be,
Begs shan’t erase 
Alacrity’s glee,
Non inimical state
Yet has one flee,  
As to rid of gate
And needless plea, 
Of insensible fate
Fails docile agree,
In shades of kind
See alleges replete, 
To feed a sane mind…

Hence on this day
The sun is strong,
I’ll find the way
To will one gone,
Ye may perceive    
Be shadows found,
That gods conceive
There I am bound,
With austere mind 
Want a sound bond,
Ill-fated so resigned!

                                      ode to lost brothers…

                © Jean-Jacques Fournier

	                                         written in Sweetsburg 
                                                      August 6, 2022   
                                      1st written in Montréal July 20, 2002                                                                                                                                      
Music - Blue Shadow in the Street, by Dave Brubeck
Photos - pictures Wikimedia commons
Audio -	 Jean-Jacques Fournier		


5 thoughts on “Finding Shadows

    • Thank you Paulette!
      The Sun is a powerful and thus so a life sustaining positive element in our too short life of which will always seem to be too short and go too fast.
      Marianne and I are watching a very well made and interesting film series, The Sandman who grants a bon vivant a repeating 100 year life of which he is up to his now up to his 4th extinction mind you without again. The intrigue now is how many more hundred years will he risk submitting himself to live each time eventually friendless and more difficult to living with normal life span humans, though we’ve yet to establish if and what normal humans are meant to be…
      Regards and best wishes to you and Terry.

  1. The idea of light, sunshine come together to remind us that there is hope that surrounds us if we touch the rays of the sun. A wonderful poem to begin my day, Jean-Jacques.

    • Thank you again, Rebecca, and echo my reflections to Paulette in response to your comment, extending the idea of light to suggest alas all that holds, both physically and intellectually, together to combine as a symbol of enlightenment, thus so if we are to survive as creatures of what we refer to as so-called humanity. You will of course excuse my cynicism as to humans, for we still include the likes of the Putins of this world.

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