A Place

         – said earth –

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A Place

– said earth –

Tho crave
From birth
To grave,
For worth
Ye want save, 
A place
Said earth, 
Now must skirt
To suffer waste,
Tho be alert
Of mans tricks, 
Ample so to burst
A planet at risk, 
Not find accept
Failed mortals akin,
In state of gorged excess 
Hides yet a desolate grim,
Obscuring a need for address
While mans memory grows thin, 
As he begs for too long ignored access!
	      © Jean-Jacques Fournier

	                        written in Sweetsburg 
                                       July 21, 2022
Imagery - Marianne Dessis 
Music – Tenderly by Chet Baker
Audio - Jean-Jacques Fournier

2 thoughts on “A Place

  1. Thanks Paulette. The first two pictures are of two of our three gardens, those being at the rear of our old home in the Eastern Townships, of the Provence of Québec. It was built in 1853 by the original owner, the area notary and business merchant. To give you an idea of the architecture of the times around here, I’ll send you three pictures by email, as I am not able to enclose them in this message.
    Have a good evening. Regards to Terry and to you, of course,

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