A Question

            – of chance –

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A Question

            – of chance –

If we could see
All at one time,
One’s life to be
Held its incline,
Worthy to see, 
Thus as defined 
Tho but one day,
Would ye agree
To propose play,
In a fixed degree
Find matter of say,
As a fitting choice
To apply hold sway,
A question of chance
May enlighten the way!

                                © Jean-Jacques Fournier 
Imagery - Wikimedia Commons
Music - Excerpt of Jazz jam session by Chet Baker
Audio - recital – by Jean-Jacques Fournier

                                    written in Sweetsburg
                                           April 7, 2022

4 thoughts on “A Question

  1. That increasingly popular ” if ” seems to have ever more than comfortable use. Thus so as the likes of such war criminals as Vladimir Putin and assorted tyrants,survive with stolen money from their citizens, so as to buy off their just deserts, as in removable by their own chosen method, a permanent place buried nameless six feet underground. Pardon my morbid suggestion, but nothing other comes to mind for such evil beings.

  2. The idea of “if” is a very useful word. Most times we see it as a sense of regret: “If only….” But I rather like to see it as a “If I hadn’t…”. If I hadn’t take this road, I would have missed the adventure.

    Which speaks to your last word: “A question of chance
    May enlighten the way!”

    Much of our life is chance. And those chances do indeed enlighten the way.

  3. Thank you, Rebecca, for speaking on the positive side of the word if. The level of anger at the creature, said Putin, trying to outdo Stalin’s evil has me in that kind of state. Consequently I am grateful for your broaching the subject as you did.

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