A Blind Mind

         – willing to wait –

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A Blind Mind

         – willing to wait –

A fellowman’s fate
Be his blind mind,  
Now in haste state
To end of the line,
Has reason be late
Or flee his assign, 
Yet willing to wait
For shade to bind, 
Invoke find abate
On pretext of time,
May assure a place
Best end of the line,
As fellowman’s take
While willing to wait,
Lives with a blind mind!
			Alas youth of long days,
		                       be be soon short elder nights…

  © Jean-Jacques Fournier 

Imagery - Venus discovers young man robbed of his youth, 
                  Unknown artist Naples in the mid 1600s.
Music - Excerpt of Johann Sebastian’s Adagio
Audio recital - Jean-Jacques Fournier

written in Sweetsburg
March 12, 2022

4 thoughts on “A Blind Mind

  1. “Willing to wait” – what an evocative thought, which is compared to “Has reason be late.” I appreciated that way you introduced the element of time throughout this poem, Jean-Jacques. Humanity has always had difficulty with the construct of time. We are caught in the current of a forward moving flow that will not be dissuaded from its course. All we are able to do is adjust our activities to the time given. You always give me something to think about! Thank you.

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