A Minute and A Half

                  – life seems to last –

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A Minute and A Half

                  – life seems to last –

The journey starts
And seems to last, 
But a minute 
And a half,
As I remember
Ponder life past, 
I try to ignore,
A September last 
Be echoes of lore…
As life finds wilt 
Our time by half
I’ve none to waste, 
So, pardon my rancour
At they who do crowd, 
Or find be an anchor  
In my fleeting race,
For with so little time
Be cause to make haste…
I want not feel dread 
For predestined brevity, 
Or fall’s early spread
Lying neath memories, 
That hint of soon rest
From life seems to last, 
But a minute and a half!
					 Ode to the eternal, Louise Fleischmann

				    				          © Jean-Jacques Fournier

Images - JJF Timepiece & Wikimedia Commons
Music - excerpt - Frederic Chopin, Nocturne in B flat minor, Op. 9 no. 1 
Audio – Jean-Jacques Fournier 

					   written in Sweetsburg
				             February 28, 2022

4 thoughts on “A Minute and A Half

  1. Thank you Paulette, for your appreciation of my expression of time, as I become ever more aware of its shrinkage each day. Thus so, as I can yet remember when a day felt like forever and a year’s time was beyond imagination. Now I know from experience that the only true measure of our limited time, is the light and dark of day and night. And I love every second of it all…!

  2. Time is running fast, Jean-Jacques. My sister Sarah believes that there is scientific proof that as we age, time moves faster. LOL. I especially appreciated your words “And seems to last, But a minute And a half….” The use of the word “half” is brilliant for it symbolizes that we try to stop time by separating the minutes. I am with you when you say “I want not feel dread For predestine brevity,…”.

    I want to live boldly, with joy and celebration! I want to connect with kindred spirits and feel the generosity of friendship. Many thanks to you and Marianne for your friendship.

  3. I don’t know about Sarah’s scientific proof, but as alive and living, human I think, I have been able to tell that hours, days, weeks, months and years are non existent. There is simply light and dark as in days and nights and the rest is make believe for story book reading to keep us peacefully out of trouble. Regards and good wishes to you and Don, from Marianne and me, dear friend!

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