– of you –

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        – of you

So many times

I wrote of thought,

And so many lines

Hence, I had sought,

The while would find

Be such views of you,

Left no room for a mind

That found a doubt be true,

Thus, forever I’ll think of you!

                                       © Jean-Jacques Fournier

Image – Source – Wikimedia Commons …

Music – Chet Baker – excerpt of, Almost Blue –

Audio – Jean-Jacques Fournier

                                                                           written in Sweetsburg

                                                                              February 19, 2022

Ode to dear friend Karen L.

6 thoughts on “Thought

    • Ah my dear friend, Paulette, I mean everything I write, though the interpretation is yours alone. However I don’t see anything that suggests “where no doubt lives” in my writing of this poem of Thought. It does in any event, offer that where there is love in kind sufficient, that there ought be no room left for doubt. After a few failed tries, the gods of fate decided to push me in the right direction, and now twenty-two plus later it seems to be like its just getting started. Thus so and not being a spring chicken, I see no end in view till my last breath… Long winded but that’s the incorrigibility of ye old word-smiths!

  1. Oh, the ambiguities of the mind, the back and forth of thought, with insights coming, changing, transitioning. I love these words, for you have expressed those moments when the mind experience and enjoys the chaos of imaginings solidifying into a person.

    ‘Be such views of you, Left no room for a mind Thant found a doubt be true….”

  2. Thus despite, so many times, be views of or without doubt, fair to say not of love for love’s sake… but of we as lovers, said humans in doubt or unsure of our commitment …?

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