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Tho idiozyncratic
Be openly zany, 
Even dramatic 
You may hear,
As enthusiasts 
Of lenient ear,
Not fanatically
Troubled by fear,
Nor thus alleged
Told genuine peer,
Be times bereaved
Despite lot of many,
May have ye grieve 
Tho ergo found zany,
Be idiozyncratic on leave!
                               © Jean-Jacques Fournier

ode to special friends of the kind,
 as depicted in text and image…
                                                                 written in Sweetsburg
                                                                      February 13, 2022  

Image - Excerpt of Commedia dell’arte –Gelosi..JPG
Music – Autum in New York, by Chet Baker
Audio recital – Jean-Jacques Fournier

4 thoughts on “Zany

  1. Thank you, my faithful friend for your always welcome comments. As a picture is said to be worth a thousand words, the use of a few appropriate images does allow nicely for an economy of words, ergo short stories serves me well for my preference of short poems.

  2. Yes as your kaleidoscope, walking thru an aberrant maze, that which describes the forever, more or less, zany composition of life’s journey. Thus so from light to dark or dark to light as the gods or fate would have it, the while blindly believing we are to a point masters of our own destiny. Being zany at times allows us to to remain sane.

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