Alive at Stake

          – in futile haste –

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Alive at Stake

 – in futile haste –

It ought count
Tho ye be late,
By the amount
We deliberate,
Given account
In futile haste,
Of tantamount
To a gale waste,
And life be cast
As to expediate,
The useless sass 
Need find erase,
Fixes mind blur 
Till ye learn way,
Set plan deferred  
Wants obviate play,
The while alive at stake
Realizes ne’er too late,
To preclude futile haste!

                                               © Jean-Jacques Fournier

Imagery - Wikimedia Commons ...
Music – excerpt of Bach - Toccata & Fugue
Audio - Jean-Jacques Fournier ...

				                  written in Sweetsburg
					              January 14, 2022
					        edited February 1, 2022

7 thoughts on “Alive at Stake

  1. It starts with individual psychological self-determination, and a positive belief in the ability to take back control of what and who we are and how we want to be alive. Not a life dictated to us by information overload. For now I believe, good or bad, we have more or less evolved into a fully integrated computer species, said human. So-called humans ever making haste, not to miss out on all the computer science goodies achieves on our behalf.
    Just two cents worth of verbiage, a grain of salt, so to speak, bordering on absurd, if but to make us think, as you suggest, to find to slow down that ever increasing pace. Thus so, for the length of being alive is at stake.

  2. Ergo, alive be stark, in futile haste, we rush to waste a life so short, before we know to give if full attention, it may well have left us, alas to waste in haste !

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