Shadows – where faces hide –

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         - where faces hide -

In time dawn’s shadow
Would dim the cruelty,
A face deemed bide 
From its carved path,
Will transmute hide
Said nature’s trap,
For wind burnt flesh
That reads like brail,
Or weathered mesh
On skin humanly frail,
Finds soon be paired
To rock-strewn canyons,
Reflection of a dire face
As pain unravels memory,
Of its passing shadows
Hence where faces hide,
Among phantoms of the past 
Where these faces did emerge! 

                                                           © Jean-Jacques Fournier

Images – Private authors; Malik Earnest 2015

Music – Leaving by Chet Baker

Audio Recital – Jean-Jacques Fournier

                                                                             written in Sweetsburg

                                                                                   January 2, 2022

                                                                       edited January 10, 2022

4 thoughts on “Shadows – where faces hide –

  1. Thank you,Paulette! Come to think of it, that old saying of, a picture is worth a thousand words, holds. Having discovered this had me bring on the telling picture, which made me feel more comfortable with my standing preference of short poems. The intriguing aspect is to an important point, reliant on my readers active, creative, broad reaching imagination and or a feel for and understanding of poetry.

  2. Another brilliant and thought provoking poem, Jean-Jacques. Every experience and event in our lives becomes part of us, embedded in our minds and souls. These words especially resonated: “Hence where faces hide, Among phantoms of the past Where these faces did emerge.”

  3. Thank you, Rebecca! I must say that the thought provoking aspect in and of life, comes in spite and despite of one in eventual time. For as one crosses that point of no return, so to speak, one can’t help but question one’s position and place to date attained in life. Not really where you’re heading which you’ve pretty well covered at that point, but where you’ve been, and what you might do to fill in the empty or blank life spaces, that you’d let pass. This Shadow piece kind of heads in that direction, depending what one hs lived so far…!

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