On Faces

     – of ensuing phases –

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On Faces

     – of ensuing phases –

On faces lined so deep 
Its dawn shadows pale,
As if cowed to life’s cruelty
Bears non dissipative crinkles, 
Would fix ye seek empaled paths 
In pitiless valleys of aged wrinkles....
Despite ill meant fallows
In yawning sculpted lines, 
Imaging cragged hollows 
On aging faces thus inclined,
Etched so to not find mellow
When soul wants mirror life, 
If but to blur ye fated journey
That bares one’s tales of strife,
A way in mortal’s thorny travel…
Alas, on faces of ensuing phases     
As in near end of memory’s purpose,
To find space sits in mind’s lost places
Will suffer interpret phantasms traces, 
While recall occurs late and sadly wasted! 
written in Sweetsburg
© Jean-Jacques Fournier
December 11, 2021

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Music - Alone Together, by Chet Baker 
Audio recital - Jean-Jacques Fournier

4 thoughts on “On Faces

  1. Loved the recitation, the music and the faces that held many stories. I look in the mirror and see my wrinkles as that the testament to the beauty and joy of being alive. A wonderful post to begin my week. Thank you, Jean-Jacques!

  2. I thank you, Rebecca, for your encouraging reaction to my recent ‘On Faces’ poem. Thus so in turn I would suggest that it is hard to ignore those persistent signs of time’s passing and its insistent physical indication on our person.
    But as you offer and rightly so, these wrinkles can be a sign of joy’s expression of our being happily alive. Hence happy days ahead, dear friend, as they become more expressive!

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