– that all seem the same –

         - that all seem the same -

You try blind
Façades game,
Front or hind
Seem the same,
As man’s kind
Some be worm,
Wriggle round
In fixed squirm, 
Won’t be found 
Save you’re firm,
And thus bound
Want to uncover,
Rates be exposed
Thru endeavour,
Hence compose
Its bent measure,
With baleful mind
He works his game,
Of greed’s assign 
Be without shame,
He’ll find the time,
To deploy his tricks
Meant keep us blind,
Thus be man’s façades
That all seem the same! 

                 © Jean-Jacques Fournier
                                   written in Sweetsburg
				                 September 2, 2020

Art, by Félix Vallotton…

           A reflection on alleged world caretakers,

                        in the yet near leaderless times, of this year 2020 – 21 …

4 thoughts on “Façades

  1. Jean-Jacques – and excellent poetic discussion on trust, which is “a fundamental element of social capital – a key contributor to sustaining well-being outcomes, including economic development.” Check out this website – you will find the date very interesting. https://ourworldindata.org/trust

    Trust and compassion go hand in hand, much like the reverse – “greed and tricks.” These words are especially ominous: “With baleful mind He words his game, Of greed’s assign….

  2. Thank you, Rebecca. Excellent and appropriate article on your recommended website, and thank you again for replying with it to my words, a most timely extension!

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