Who Will Know  – the road –


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Who Will Know  – the road –

Who will know
When we arrive,
The road to go
To thus survive,
As fellow human
Found yet alive,
Knowing naught 
Of who we follow,
Did find bestow
But dubious plan,
For a life hollow
We naïvely accept,
Tho so contrived
As inimical deed, 
The likes devised
By powers of greed,
We’d failed advised
Be iniquitous mislead!
© Jean-Jacques Fournier 

ov written in Sweetsburg
October 27, 2021

4 thoughts on “Who Will Know  – the road –

  1. Who do we follow, is such an interesting concept. So many look for that leader, that guru outside themself, looking for what only they can teach themself, or rather learn alone. That’s what came forth for moi. Lovely graphic with your words.

  2. Thanks Paulette, and so it goes, forever searching for that “je ne sait quoi ou qui” that will point us in the right direction, or road as my words so plead. To hopefully avoid or side-step the inimical deeds of which I speak or influences that waist any part our meagre time in this life too short.

  3. Oh, my dear friend, I would love to walk the road in your photo. We will walk many roads throughout our lives, many of them never anticipated. As to “who” – ah, there is the conundrum of choice that will be our constant companion. The question then becomes – are we so frail of mind that we cannot employ prudent thinking?

  4. That road, you say you’d love to walk, is the entry road that led to my mother’s Huntingdon Childhood’s home, in the early 1900s. The house you see was built in 1811 and is situated on Smellie Rd. in then Clyde’s Corner, now called montée Smellie in Municipality de Godmanchester, some five miles out, in Huntingdon, Quebec. An area and town where your Don might have gone by when living in Huntingdon, in his younger days.

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