A Craggy Shell

            – begs not dispel –

How can one tell
If still of need,
Man’s craggy shell
Near gone to seed, 
Suggests farewell
And denies plead,
Begs not dispel 
The while he lives,
May find to dwell
Where soul outlives,
Said craggy shell
Tho mayn’t forgive,
Portends bordering hell!
						     written in Sweetsburg
						  © Jean-Jacques Fournier

6 thoughts on “A Craggy Shell

  1. Yes I have, Rebecca, and humanly so one must ultimately adjust and make do with what nature imposes on all creatures, including that of, for some, living long enough to developing that symbolic craggy shell. Thankful that I have so far, having only the outer shell that seemingly needs bear witness to eventually craggy. Thus so yet held by some, a most important side of being. Of that I need not be concerned, save keeping one’s brain constantly well exercised, a pleasure in which I indulge on a daily basis and the gods willing shan’t dispel !

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