An Image – wants be –

An Image

– wants be –

May not as ere see
That one may find,
An image wants be
Past life fixed time,
And beyond destiny
Said annals defined,
For no matter the plea
The gods remain blind,
To fate's hold ye not flee!

© Jean-Jacques Fournier

                      written in Sweetsburg
                            final October 5, 2021

            Excerpt of image by Stiller Beobachter 
                                         from Ansbach, Germany



7 thoughts on “An Image – wants be –

  1. The thought of destiny being a catalyst in how we see ourselves is a powerful thought, Jean-Jacques. We seek to display an image and yet, images are fickle and are influenced by the world around us, the experiences we encounter and the community in which we participate. You say so much in a few words!

  2. Rebecca, your eloquent words on the implication of my poem, regards human imaging consciously or unconsciously, ought assist we imperfect humans to minimize the void of possible discomfort as to who and what we are, for a more comforting peace of mind in accepting ourselves, for better or for worse if one is made to suffer the boredom of perfection… Thank you dear friend!

  3. It’s so interesting how we humans project images. For ulterior motives. To promote. To cover up. For so many varied reasons and yet never knowing how they are perceived. Thinking we’re so clever all the while when many see through to the real. Your words and the interesting paintings brought this to mind.

  4. Ah, Paulette, you speak with the soul of the artist that you are, thru and true, with the sense and feeling my few words intended to provoke. Thank you my friend!

  5. My good fortune to also have two artistic souls Rebecca and Paulette, residing in the northern and southern west side of North America. You who so kindly respond to my humble poetic scribbles. An honour indeed for me and Marianne, who so majestically dresses in book forms for publication, of these many said scribbles that have been getting your attention over these many years. Thank you again for your faithful encouragements!

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