Thumbs Up

– a gladiators’ Rome-

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Thumbs Up

      – a gladiators’ Rome –

Held be thumbs up

Meant slaves bade,

A grant of life just

Tho short accolade,

Spares ye as lion sup

Feast so on gladiator,

Or as gladiatrix lust

Would a thumbs down,

Send we to an early grave

Assures one’s final round,

Will realize time’s fated age

Chose whisper of deaths await,

Faint yet by an abjured persuade

As the obscured days of old did rate,

Reminiscent so of a gladiators’ Rome!

          This gesture has its roots, 
                          in the days of Caesar,
                                  be then gladiators’ Roma...
Audio - Recital, by Jean-Jacques Fournier
Music - Rise of the Phoenix, 
Imagery – Assorted Private & Public

written in Sweetsburg
© Jean-Jacques Fournier
August 28, 2021

4 thoughts on “Thumbs Up

  1. You captured the angst of the gladiator as he waited for the “thumbs up” signal. And we think that we are the only ones who live in uncertain times! YIKES!

  2. And you in turn, would capture, in an ever so mindful response, that of man’s continued meagre respect for the gift of life, so precious and fragile, as it was in the days of Caesar. Only now be showing progress in continued destruction as opposed to peaceful habitation.

  3. Ah yes indeed, Paulette, my point exactly. One would think that some two thousand years in the making, mankind ought have learned to control his greed for more, for the sake of more, during those few measly we may have been granted this gift of life, on this planet.

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