On The Run – from here to there –

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On The Run

– from here to there –

Getting nowhere
In particular,
Holds baby bare
Not yet articular,
From here to there
Out of the picture,
Be on the run
In quest of a live future!

	 ode to neglectful man lost...

Music - Excerpt of Johann Sebastian Bach, prelude-no-1-in-c major...
Audio - Recital, by Jean-Jacques Fournier ...
Imagery - Assorted, personal & public ...

			       © Jean-Jacques Fournier			                                                   
			                  July 30, 2021

2 thoughts on “On The Run – from here to there –

  1. Oh, Jean-Jacques. How well said. Humanity seems to be always on the run, trying to fit all experiences into a finite span of time. Remember the game musical chairs? Always on the run until the music stops.

  2. Yes of course I remember musical chairs, and do so, until my boss of an early career got fired for it and I replaced him.
    Rebecca, you are a master of interpretation, who has that facility of in depth dissecting to expose the finer lines of my reflections, that which pleases me no end. Thus so because you give a kind of purchase to assist my purposely short compose, meant to exercise my addiction to the practice of an economy of words.
    I humbly suggest that we do make a good team in this enjoyable game!
    Thanks Rebecca…

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