Illusions – linger as traps –

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– linger as traps –

While illusions fade
In hues adrift,
Our imagings wade 
Bound as gifts, 
Over jagged thorns 
In silken wraps,
Found be adorned 
Linger as traps,
Propitiously borne
To last perhaps,  
The while to lie hid
Find not collapse,			                            		
As tho a laudable bid! 

               © Jean-Jacques Fournier  

Audio - Recital, by Jean-Jacques Fournier
Music – Adagio excerpt, by Johann Sebastian Bach 2:30
Imagery – Assorted, Personal & Public

 written in Sweetsburg                                         
July 15, 2021

7 thoughts on “Illusions – linger as traps –

  1. Thanks Paulette! Not wanting to discourage enthusiasm in potentially viable and worthy said positive illusions from materializing, life experience should be one’s guide as to exercise caution.

  2. I remember the first time I watched a magic show around 5 years old. How did something appear and disappear? We are attracted to illusion for it allows us to see the world in a different way. You have brought up an very interesting point, Jean-Jacques. Are all illusions bad? Or is there some good? Do we all experience the world in the same way? It goes to interpretation, doesn’t it? You have given me something to think about.

  3. Illusion is too often associated with deception, yet if we want to surprise someone with a gift or reward etc. we’ll often do so with a disguise, thus to make the occasion more exciting and by extension memorable. Here you have a deception that is far from bad, ergo as you rightly suggest, interpretation, which also by extension can apply to illusion. A good story, like one of Paulette’s novels, contains versions of illusion, as any well expressed and constructed story line will, in a good book. Or like a poem’s abstractions that allows the reader to be part of the reflection even on a personal level.
    My simplified take on illusion, like you might visualize a kaleidoscope, the subject of a good book that you may recall, even one on poetry, by yours truly.

  4. As do I thoroughly enjoy these conversational exchanges, dear Rebecca. Ever so thankful you logged in to my poetry site those many years ago. I was the start of what was to be an eventual family like friendship, the good kind as in one that we are able to choose. You’re a great friend Charlie Brown, don’t go away!

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