A Poetic Trio – of fated time –

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A Mask

Will in time
Knit façade,
Like a mask
For the mind,
Blinds fate past!

Shades – of time –

Seem out of place
Fate’s shades of time,
Too soon effaced
A once upon sublime, 
Find lost in waist 
Humanity’s sad define,
Tho truth known 
Rashly yours and mine! 


          – adjudged end unknown –

As I recall now,
Of early dawn
The gods avow,
Scant paragon
Be held to end,
As I grow wise
Find so intend,
To forever thrive,
In minds eye norm
Be of fates trickeries,
Adjudged end unknown!  
                           © Jean-Jacques Fournier

All 3 poems, abridged for short version, 
written in Sweetsburg July 10, 2021
Music - Maurice Ravel, Excerpt of Sonatine 1
Imagery - Private & public
Audio Recital - Jean-Jacques Fournier

6 thoughts on “A Poetic Trio – of fated time –

  1. Your theme of time in this trio is evocative especially in our estimation of time. We believe that we can control time. How foolish! Time remembers our choices and actions and cultivates their legacy. What we do today, echos in the years ahead. Thank you – you have given me something to consider in the week ahead.

  2. And so we, early in life unconsciously play games with time, impatiently convinced it is moving too slow. Thus so until time turns the game against us and starts moving too fast, up to the point the spinning of it has one realize that running out of time is not just a casual expression. Need I say more ?

  3. Ah, to have the foresight of Buddha, and even a modicum of that level of intelligence. That being so, might we not learn to maximize our allotted parcel of time, so as the amount becomes incidental to the point of unnoticeable?
    No charge for dreaming or wishful thinking!

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