Brother – can you spare the time –

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       – can you spare the time –

The while not my bide
To thus beg for a dime,
For my perishing hide 
Too soon had its time,
Hence afore I’m dead
Mightn’t one not tout,
If you hadn’t yet read
I am no more about,
For ominous debate 
May but allow doubt,
Afore I be deaths bate 
Ought find while alive,
Can you spare the time,
A word or more tho late
To be that brother mine!

                           ode to a lost brother…

		                   © Jean-Jacques Fournier
Recalling those stories
Of the great depression,
In 1929 to 1933 to WW2
Be common to the times,
Being prelude to ill ease 
Found compose a poem,
Implores please, Brother 
Can you spare a dime, 
As the situate entreats
Thus to spare the time!

Images - Private & public
Music - Misery, by Jani Ukkonen
Audio recital – Jean-Jacques Fournier

	             ov written in Sweetsburg
	                   January 19, 2013
                            abridged edition 
                              June 21, 2021

4 thoughts on “Brother – can you spare the time –

  1. Then the simple joys of life were part of the now seemingly endless time unavailable in today’s, rush to wait, which has most beings too busy to see this short life pass them by unobserved, even to the point of hardly noticing some a once precious gift, are no longer. Alas the sadness of a world spinning out of control to non-existence!

  2. This is an excellent poem for Father’s Day, Jean-Jacques. Your thoughts on creating a compassionate community resonates with me. We live in a world that thrives on headlines, loud noises and speed. We need to hear the voice of calm, joy, hope and expectation.

  3. Thank you, Rebecca, my dear friend, for sharing the ideal of a world of real humans. Thus so as opposed to the half human and half robot beings we are becoming, pressured by our fearless leaders per se. They with the help of the initiators of, among other brain replacement gadgets, as in computer arm extensions, referred to as smartphones. They who make all who do not succumb to so their so called way to live , feel like misfits by their constant pressure to join the dizzying speed of doing everything faster, regardless of not feeling alive in their whirlwind inhuman dead living. Stop that kind of world, I want to get off, so as to live with real humans, once also called people!

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