A Morrow – too soon –

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A Morrow

– too soon –

Now but afternoon
In lifetime destiny,
Be forever too soon
For morrow apathy,
Ye’d aspire for room
To ignore life’s brevity,
Thus minimize its gloom
That seeks invade our sanity!
		A reflection on life ever fleeting, 
                          in the wake of an adversary,
	                        known as annual anniversary… 
                 © Jean-Jacques Fournier

V2 written in Sweetsburg 
June 12, 2021

Music - Funeral, by Zurida
Imagery - Wikimedia Commons
Audio Recital – Jean-Jacques Fournier

6 thoughts on “A Morrow – too soon –

  1. Yes, Paulette, so much so too soon, that I’ve found myself trying to replace that nagging haunting and constant thought, with the version of my youth, when all our wishes took forever to come true or through!
    As the famous Shaw wrote, that youth was wasted on the young, we could use a bit of that idea suggestion in reverse, by speeding up that long awaiting time for said youth and slowing it down to a crawl for we aging more appreciative sophisticates who understand the precious value of time.
    Can’t blame a fellow for wishful thinking now can we!

  2. You have captured the poignancy of moving ever forward in our timeline. And speaking of Shaw’s idea in reverse – sometimes I think I was wiser when I was young.

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