Blunder, Bar and Bond

– be notions of life –

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Blunder, Bar and Bond

– be notions of life -Blunder

Plagued we are
By yet another,
Held gone too far
Be trying blunder,
Tho per chance par
There ne’er be other!

By raising the bar
To reset your goal,
You exceed by far
A weakening hold
That could so mar,
A bid to live whole!

Incline assume
The gods so tend,
Bonds we groom 
May bear a friend,
With they in whom 
Affection finds send,
A life ye want to bloom!
                 © Jean-Jacques Fournier 
                        Written in Sweetsburg, May 26, 2021
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7 thoughts on “Blunder, Bar and Bond

  1. Your three thoughts – Blunder, Bar and Bond – express a profound message. We may blunder our way through life and yet have the courage to raise the bar, because we are friends. Friends that sustain our hopes for a better tomorrow. I am grateful for your friendship, Jean-Jacques.

    • You my friend, a term I do not use lightly, as this word is emblematic for me, having written in 2002 my most published poem, titled Friend – a singular entitlement – first chosen internationally and awarded editor’s choice. But more important, is the significance of being called friend as it is intended, in the true sense of the word. Hense by you and the very few others, whom I’ve come to know, also found cause or purpose to consider me so, as I you and they in return for whatever worthy reason fate found serendipity did apply. Thus ever thankful I shall be!

  2. Thank you my friend, for we go back a long way as such, though sadly not having met in person when I too lived in California, but still hoping to do so , if the gods please Marianne and I should revisit found memories of the past. You are never from that thought!

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