Growing Up – a poetic trio –

For they who remember, growing up – sooner – athwart or later

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Growing Up
        - sooner -

Growing up sooner
Exacts a dearth, 
Be of cold derision
And hardly worth,
It inhibits dreams	
Try as we might,
Shed light it seems
On growing plight,
We’d want to defer
A predictable sight,
Of life’s end in blur
Be its ultimate night!
Growing Up
      - athwart -

Thence but a day
More I can sway, 
Suffers held toss 
Journey’s delay,                                                   		  
Whatever it cost 
To arrange way,
I need not barter
Or nor be tarred,
For rather sooner
May well find fate,
Hence to reassure  
Be end of athwart!
Growing Up 
        - later -

Looking back
Older too fast, 
Be force haste 
Much far past, 
Holds impugn
Age soul state, 
Find new tune
Of lasting taste,
Best to nurture
Not rely on fate,
Lest you so capture
Fix growing up later!
© Jean-Jacques Fournier            
written in Sweetsburg  May 9, 2021

Imagery - Personal & Public 
Music - Pedestrians, by Duke Herrington 
Audio - Jean-Jacques Fournier

8 thoughts on “Growing Up – a poetic trio –

  1. Thank you dear friend, and by the way the inhibiting of dreams gets more insistent at the athwart level, to damnably so when and if one reaches later, regardless of what one may or might have expected. Regardless, so far as I am led to believe, say I tongue in cheek, it is supposedly worth the trip!

  2. I love the three stages, Jean-Jacques, You reminded me of the Sphinx’s riddle: What goes on four feet in the morning, two feet at noon, and three feet in the evening? I will answer that with your poem from “Poetry in Brief – a day in a life -“

    I yearn for years,
    When daydreams
    Ne’er fail appear,
    As tho be scheme
    For time to adhere,
    To world of forever
    With we all the wiser,
    That be so every year!

  3. It gets in your system, eventually this language of poetry, and sooner or later it becomes a part of one, and in spite of yourself you reply in verse. Good choice, Rebecca!

  4. After a while, what you’ve picked up with age, often absentmindedly, will along the way have lodged in your memory, so that in time the images form a series of tableaus, which individually express ones life from an early stage as in sooner, until athwart’s indecisiveness, usually in the early to mid 30’s on to the later and last most interesting stage, with any self-made luck, this ought be a memorable all inclusive part of living. Thus so if the gods are kind, they will then allow us to describe these tableaus with the written word, including in an understandable poetic reflection, which I keep trying to do as best I can. I believe these said gods may well keep me around for some time yet, at least till I get it right!

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