E book – Poetry in Brief

Poetry in Brief

This is to announce the publication of my E book – of poems.

Which follows the pocket book edition of short poems.

Poetry in Brief – a day in a life –

For more information, and preview of the book, click here

8 thoughts on “E book – Poetry in Brief

    • Thank you for your relentless support these many years and the treasured friendship that has flourished in the process. Your ongoing encouragement is the feed on which we writers survive, as you the successful author well knows. Thank you again, Paulette, dear friend!

  1. Thank you Liz! I’m happy to hear this, for despite the practical aspect of electronic books, I remain the paper book addict, enjoying the feel of paper in my hands as I read. Most especially as the free time I have, writing free, is delegated to reading in bed, or while travelling on a plane, where I refuse to carry a computer or read on a phone. Enjoy the book, fellow writer.

  2. Thank you, Mary Jo. As to being relentless, it is indeed, a passion, and a labour of love. But with time and the constant amazement of so much to live for, one must live twice, thus so within our allotted portion of life! So one might call it an addiction, an easy affliction to passion and love!

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