Of Idle Wade, A Thought, Inadvertently – a trio of elegiac thoughts –

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Of Idle Wade 
        - from pathos shade -

Ye squander time
Inadvertently so,
Find rapid decline
Wanting ye know,
Meant be consign
As how long to go,
Tho animate mind
Feels inert pursuit,
Of idle wade defined 
Be ill site to bear fruit,
Tho thought will incline
Despite from pathos shade,
Ye beg for life’s meagre time!

A Thought 
            - fleeting -

Be a thought fleeting, 
I’d wanted to keep
Wouldst disappear,
Tho thru a sneak peek
Hints of might reappear!
	     - timed -

Be inadvertently timed
This disheartening thought, 
Of such escalating kind
That the gods can’t stop,
They unconscionably blind 
To idle wades, in pathos shades!
             		     © Jean-Jacques Fournier

Imagery - private and public ...
Music - Blue Sundays Jazz, Oakwood Stn.
Audio recital - Jean- Jacques Fournier

	               written in Sweetsburg,  March 30, 2021,  

9 thoughts on “Of Idle Wade, A Thought, Inadvertently – a trio of elegiac thoughts –

  1. You do know how to unravel a sometime circumlocutory compose that attempts express the opening of a reflection which plays in everyone’s lives and none in particular. My idea of what poetry is, for having the ability of throwing a reflective thought out there for all to take or reject. Thanks for your most welcomed reflection, Liz!

  2. My sister Sarah, believes that there is scientific proof that time goes faster the older we become. I think she quotes Einstein on this, although I notice that she says this tongue in cheek. Humanity has a love/hate relationship with time. We want more, but worry that we don’t use the time given, judiciously. We wait for an event and then find the waiting was even better than the event itself. I am convinced that we simply have no idea on how to relate to time. Perhaps we ascribe value to the events, actions that occur during a timeframe. Phrases like “a waste of time” have crept into our language and throught constructs. Your thought – “Ye beg for life’s meager time!” – speaks of our profound desire to live authentically, to value whatever time that we have been given. A wonderful post and discussion, Jean-Jacques!

    • I agree with sister Sarah. A life time ago, when I would say that life seemed to go so fast, my dear mother, would say wait til l you get to where I am now, and you will know what fast means.
      She was absolutely right, for as a youngster I always seemed to have extra time to do all kinds of things. Now that I am far older I’ve never enough time to complete all I want to do each day. Days that seldom end until the next, like early morning hours of any given day!

  3. Thank you Dave. Yet for me to do as you suggest, is all a question of time. Time of having been around long enough to become aware, and to manage the scribbling of a few words to share what you experience.

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